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Living with nature

The province of Parma is a true paradise for lovers of open air activities as it is a rich and variegated territory which spreads from the banks of the river Po to the Apennine mountains.  Numerous exciting experiences in contact with nature are, in fact, on offer.  The offers are suitable for every sort of need as they bring together sport, adventure, wellness, relaxation  and fun.

Wellness at the Spa

The area of Parma is perfect for all lovers of wellness as it offers one of the most complete spa systems in Europe, from the Berzieri spa in Salsomaggiore, jewel of the Art Deco style and very popular during the Belle Epoque, to the spa town of Monticelli, or to the establishment of Sant’Andrea Bagni at the foot of the Apennines.  The waters here were already famous in Roman times.

Bike Tours

It is also very pleasant to discover the province of Parma by bike; from the gentle banks of the river Po, to the cool and inviting Carrega woods just outside the city up to the challenging slopes of the Apennines.  For those who like city biking there are a number of cycle lanes: in particular, together with a specialist guide you can discover the city centre through its parks, alleyways and monuments.  For foodies we can organize bike rides in the lowlands which take in food and wine destinations. We don’t neglect the true biker who expects a challenge and can organize itineraries in the Apennines, in the park of the hundred lakes and the Taro valley.


With a splendid circuit of magnificently maintained courses, Parma is a perfect destination for golf lovers. For example, there is the Golf Club “La Rocca” in Sala Baganza and the Salsomaggiore Golf Club.  The demanding golfer is happy to use a course which takes in the plain as well as hills, whereas the inexperienced golfer who is just getting to grips with the sport is pleased to find family-friendly spaces and structures.

Trekking in the Apennines

Trails, parks, wonderful beech woods, lakes, ancient fir woods and highly prized Porcini mushrooms; the Parma Apennines offer all this and more . The valley of the Taro river, the regional park of the Carrega woods and the Park of 100 lakes are the ideal theatre for a gentle hike to rediscover the pleasure of time taking a break from the frenetic rhythms of daily life. The Apennines can be experienced throughout the year; there is a rich calendar of walks between Spring and Summer and during the Autumn months there are local fairs and celebrations of particular local food and wine.  In Winter there are many excursions using snowshoes on the various trails.