Organizing sustainable events and tours is a must! Our ongoing commitment to the enhancement of the territory is closely linked to reducing environmental and social impact and promoting responsible behavior.
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As an incoming tour operator, we are committed to enhancing the territory by organizing activities that prioritize eco-friendly services, supported by selected operators, with the aim of minimizing environmental and social impact while promoting responsible behavior. We prioritize the establishment of long-term relationships with local suppliers who share our values and dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement.

Parma represents an ideal destination: off the beaten path of mass tourism, renowned for its cuisine, where traditions and craftsmanship are passed down through generations, and where numerous local businesses adopt circular economy models with direct control over quality.

Our mission is to offer "GREEN" experiences that are engaging, authentic, and conscious, with the goal of promoting and disseminating the best practices of environmental and social sustainability. Our sustainability strategy for our tours and events aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of the attractiveness of the territory, including the province and lesser-known areas.
  • Generate economic value in the region.
  • Engage local suppliers to create synergies and promote a culture of sustainability.
  • Introduce sustainability criteria in the selection of suppliers and services.
  • Promote sustainable behavior throughout the supply chain.
  • Digitize processes.
  • Use more sustainable promotional materials (e.g., reducing printing and using less impactful gadgets).
  • Improve consumption efficiency.

Within the framework of each tour, project, or event, we commit to considering the impacts generated by the organization itself, the socio-cultural impacts on the involved communities, as well as the partnerships and synergies that each project can create.