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A trip through Italy is a dream come true, a once in a lifetime experience.  With its famous art cities, the magnificent countryside, a cultural history with ancient roots and an incomparable gastronomic wealth , a trip to the “Bel Paese” is worth organizing with true professionals.  Dante and Petrarch both proudly proclaimed the attractions of the Bel Paese and Parma Incoming prides itself on organizing the best possible experience for you, the visiting guest.  Our international guests hail from right around the world, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, from Japan to Germany and we know that with our in depth knowledge of the different markets we can suit you out with an Italian style made to measure holiday.

What is there to see in Italy ?  It’s  difficult to choose because there is so much……..the Ligurian coast from Genoa to Portofino, the characteristic ‘5 Terre’ villages arranged like pearls along the coast whose atmosphere has inspired poets and painters or down to the south, to Calabria and Sicily between the Mediterranean sea, culture, history and the onslaught of colours, perfumes and flavours.  But we must never forget the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome, Florence and Venice and at the centre of your Italian tour lies Parma in the heart of Emila Romagna; perfectly placed between tradition and splendour, Parma can be a special departure point either for a longer journey or for a shorter trip.  The Ducal city and its surrounding territory offer an extraordinary variety of experiences in music, gastronomy and art history. Here we can find places associated with cultural and artistic treasures, with the birth and careers of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi and the conductor Arturo Toscanini without forgetting the indelible association with world famous gastronomic delights such as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma.

By putting yourselves in the capable and experienced hands of Parma Incoming, a journey of discovery through these marvels will be  easily achieved and delightfully enjoyable. As an experienced Tour Operator we guarantee a high end specialized service. To get just a taste of what we have on offer follow the link below and look at the programme of the tour “Along the Via Emilia: flavours, perfumes and colours”.