Invitation to Parma: Your 2020 experience
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To celebrate its being the Italian Capital of Culture 2020 and to seize the challenge of the slogan "Culture beats the time", Parma will turn into a great, amusing and innovative art and history laboratory, this way expressing its vocation as a city always in balance between past and inclination for future innovations.

Its classic places of art, music and meeting will be dressed up with a new interpretation, its most important personalities will be witness of culture and of innovative visions, its famous and exquisite typical products will be icons of good living and ideas for a sustainable future.

Innovative exhibitions dedicated to interesting insights on personalities who have left their mark in the art world will be held in succession and partly in overlapping. They will be accompanied and enriched by surprising paths to discover with a renewed look classical places of art and culture and by new openings of historical structures that will tell the past through visions, studies and reflections about the future.

These exhibitions and itineraries will be set up in places that represent our most important artistic masterpieces and whose visit has always been worth the trip. Let's talk about the evocative, medieval Piazza Duomo with the Antelami’s Baptistery and the imposing Cathedral, the 16th century masterpieces by Correggio and Parmigianino; and again, about the Palazzo della Pilotta monumental complex in Farnese Baroque style housing the impressive Farnese Theater and National Gallery.Finally, the refined Parco Ducale and the spectacular Teatro Regio both from the 19th century, the era of the glorious reign of Marie Louise Duchesse of Parma and wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.In the province we mention the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli with the enchanting Rocca Sanvitale of Fontanellato surrounded by a splendid moat, the inspiring world’s largest bamboo Labyrinth and refined FMR Art Collection inside The Labirinto della Masone and the splendid Torrechiara Castle.

Last but not least! Throughout the year it will be possible to enrich your stay with attending to important musical events programmed by the Teatro Regio di Parma and the Toscanini Foundation. They offer a rich program for 2020 with an Opera Season devoted to  the 20th Century’s music and a very interesting Concert Season splits its titles into "Grandi Direttori” (great conductors) and “Fenomeni” (phenomenal artists).