Parma and its province are places where history, art, lifestyle culture and plenty of hospitality coexist. Places where everything has its own flavour and thus turns into a true experience.
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The strategic location between Milan and Bologna makes Parma an excellent compromise for all the companies that want to organise entertainment events capable of offering an unexpected and engaging charm.  Because here hospitality meets local cuisine and the art of great architects from the past and the present.

Parma, Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy and Capital of Culture 2020+21 is the city where to find impeccable, luxury, but also intimate and elegant hotels. It is a stage where you can enjoy an event in the splendid framework of the Teatro Regio, the Opera House with 1150 seats, or its Ridotto, the foyer, with 180 seats. More modern and designed by the visionary creativity of architect Renzo Piano are Auditorium Paganini and Sala Ipogea, with 780 and 300 seats respectively; then there are the freshly restored rooms of the Ape Museum, where a meeting can also become a fascinating visit of the painting gallery with its permanent exhibition; larger and suitable for wide-ranging events and concerts is the Pala Verdi, with 3500 seats.

The charming Labirinto della Masone, the world’s largest labyrinth, is out of the town walls heading towards the low lands of Fontanellato; the rooms of the venue offer different organisational possibilities with the additional option of enjoying the private collection of the creator and founder Franco Maria Ricci, or some typical products in the restaurant facing the entrance.

And indeed, the strength of the Food Valley is not only hospitality through its venues, but also a cuisine that founds its uniqueness on products of excellence, such as Culatello di Zibello, Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano, together with an extensive and rooted gastronomic tradition where first courses play the starring role. 

It’s no coincidence that every event also turns into a sensory experience.

A culinary marvel that is completed by a visual marvel as well because Castles, like the one in Felino, may be a venue choice, as is the case of the Reggia di Colorno, headquarters of Alma The International School of Italian Cuisine, where a business meeting can turn into a great event: team building, food experience & lessons in a special location, “The home of the Italian cuisine”. Last but not least Busseto with the Teatro Verdi, a small and exclusive artistic gem that opened in 1868 and can now host 300 people, and the Sala delle Carrozze in the ancient Palazzo Pallavicino.


A historical and gastronomic heritage that shows great potentials for companies, especially if managed in such a way to satisfy the needs expressed each time.  For more than twenty years Parma Incoming has been supporting companies in making choices, organising and managing the various steps required for the success of every event, thus becoming an irreplaceable and trustworthy partner.  Because knowing a land is not just enough: for bespoken perfection a land needs to be understood, read and interpreted.