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Prestigious musical events for dynamic companies and tour operators who want to provide their guests with a unique experience in the land of musical excellence.

The city of Parma and its countryside has always represented the heartland of  international opera and music and the Verdi homelands can provide guests and clients with an unforgettable musical experience. Our vast experience as tour operators and musical event organisers allows us to plan tailor-made programmes in some exceptional locations, from the jewel-like small Theatres to the great Opera Houses,  from the Castles of the Duchy to unique and exclusive gardens like Franco Maria Ricci's Labyrinth or the Colorno Palace. We have access to talented youngsters and established artists, to small musical ensembles and great Orchestras and can provide the music of Verdi and Puccini in a setting of your choice, whether it be a musical pre-dinner drink or a full scale gala dinner with musical intermezzo. Don't forget either that we also have access to the excellent food products of this area: music and food, nutrition for body and soul!

Put yourself in our safe hands for a unique experience... high impact customised events for your specific needs.

MusicaParma has been developed by Parma Incoming in order to enrich tourism options in both the Po river lowlands and the Verdi homelands and is a project designed specifically for companies who wish to offer new, highly cultured and original forms of entertainment in their promotional and public relations activities. According to company needs, we can provide programmes which are fun, fascinating, engaging and totally unique. For example, concerts given by young artists from the most prestigious music schools or established, world renowned performers from the most famous Italian Opera Houses brought together so that the discerning and highly cultured traveller can enjoy an intensely rewarding experience through concerts designed almost exclusively for them... we say 'almost' because the music of Verdi is for everybody!

Why classical music? Because music, clssical music in particular, is a fundamental source of ideas and emotions and music as a tool of communication can be a winning and distinctive choice for a company wishing to select something new, original and comitted from amongst the myriad choices available. With the right kind of creativity, the immense and emotionally significant musical heritage can be used to give added value to each single event or idea.

Conferences, meetings, road shows... In the same way that an orchestra conductor or choir master brings his group to cohesive performance, the success of a product and the development of an idea, the concept of team building itself can often depend on a delicate balance between meetings and exchanges where the communicative power of music becomes a determinant factor. The "Fuoco di gioia" (fireworks of joy) concert offers a diverting and engaging programme which can easily be tailored to your requirements. If you want to give a special twist to fashion shows, openings, convivial meetings such as cocktail parties or dinners or even to trade fair stands or lounge bars put yourself in the hands of a first class singer who can make your event unforgettable.  We also have concerts dedicated to the legend of the Verdi baritone voice (Verdi my father) and to the female protagonists of Verdi's music (A kiss to the heart) where the performers come from the Academia dei Talenti from the Collegio dei Nobili in Fontevivo. Further choices could be the choral programme "Long live Verdi", the concert "Brindiamo a Verdi" (let's drink to Verdi) with the most famous arias from La Traviata and the popular trilogy, the Verdi cycle most often performed world wide, or "A dream called Puccini" which is a unique synthesis of masterpieces from Tosca, Madame Butterfly and Turandot. Maybe jazz is more your thing? In that case opt for the programme "The Great American Songbook" which celebrates pieces which have made history from Duke Ellington to Burt Bacharach taking in George Gershwin and Cole Porter.

If you would like to access this vast musical heritage with the help of specialists who know just how to enhance the value of your special event choose from our immense programme of concerts and make it truly unique.

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