Macbeth and Attila at Teatro Regio di Parma, Un giorno di Regno at Teatro Verdi di Busseto, Le Trouvère at Teatro Farnese: the great operas that will lead the next edition of the Festival Verdi 2018
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Macbeth, Un giorno di Regno, Le Trouvère, Attila: these are the great operas and that will lead the next edition of the Festival Verdi 2018. In order to celebrate the figure and the works of Giuseppe Verdi, every year around October 10th – date of birth of the great Italian composer – Parma and the lands of Verdi host one of the most prestigious appointments in the international musical panorama, characterized by a very rich program. The operas Machbeth and Attila will be held in the temple of the opera in the ducal city of Parma Teatro Regio di Parma, while Le Trouvère will be held in the impressive and unique Teatro Farnese and Un giorno di Regno will be performed at Teatro Verdi in Busseto right in the heart of Verdi Homelands. In addition to the operas, there will also be concerts, conversations with artists and writers, cocktails and dinners before and after the operas and other relevant events. The entire month will be dedicated to Verdi’s music. 

During the days of the Festival, you will find a unique atmosphere that brings music lovers from everywhere in the world. The city will dress up in its finest, the shops will show the beautiful dresses of the old times, and, while strolling in the city centre, you will hear the music of the Maestro. Meanwhile, Verdi lovers “coves”, restaurants and small clubs such as the Club of the 27, will be greatly enjoying one of the main events of the year for a city that has such a strong musical tradition. In Parma, everyone welcome the guests, from the local opera lover to the child who discovers opera for the first time through the Festival Verdi for kids, to the foreign tourist who comes to meet Verdi in his homeland. During the Festival Verdi, the tourist will have the unique opportunity to learn about “Parma the city of music”. This definition is due to the deep cultural tradition of music exemplified by the city institutions dedicated to music, such as the Casa della Musica. In addition, the possibility of visiting the precious ancient organs found in the churches of the city centre, will give the tourist the possibility of further enriching their visit.

Parma Incoming during the fall season, along the Festival Verdi, will organize tour packages in order to discover the music and the genius of the Maestro from Roncole di Busseto. The tours will also introduce other extraordinary artists such as Arturo Toscanini and Renata Tebaldi, who both have strong ties to this area, proving its rich musical tradition. Parma Incoming will not only be able to find you tickets for the operas, concerts and other shows, but to also organize a complete cultural experience, with unforgettable tours that will have their highlight in the visit to Giuseppe Verdi Birthplace, the place where everything started. As a final touch, because of a great demand from music lovers, the MusicaParma association offers private concerts in exclusive locations, with dedicated programs. 

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