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Let the silence of Parma green hills lull you… sleep in the rural full-comfort bungalows, have a relaxing time in your private spa after have spent your day on a Defender and walking towards the Emilia-Toscana board from where you can see the Gulf of Poets! Take the chance to work in the vegetable garden with the farmer, to visit the breeding of the peculiar “black pig” and to taste the biodiversity: flavored local wines, Black pig Prosciutto, Parmesan Cheese, homemade yogurt, cheeses, jams, bread. It is a perfect place for companies, families, couples and single travelers. Concentrate on your work and free your mind during corporate exclusive events and incentives thanks to professional equipment and to the green landscape that will give you peace and energy. Live in and with the nature!


Proposed activities:
-Lunch (up to 150 people) on the porch (former stable) fully glazed with views of the surrounding hills, the ravines, the park, within the orchards of the farm (grape Termarina, noble pear, and brogiotto fig ...); the tables are arranged between Landini tractors and Lamborghini of the ‘40S/ ‘50s Lambrettas and Fiat 615 of the ‘50s in the unique environment that wants to revive the magic of the ‘50s with the restart of Italy and Emilia in the postwar period;
- Lunch / dinner with a menu of unique products of agricultural biodiversity of the province of Parma;
-The hotel has Wi-Fi throughout the perimeter.

- Possibility of short trips by jeep to explore the biodiversity of our territory or for visits to local companies;
- Visits to the farm production and aging cellars of Parma Ham, to  the ranch where you can observe the breeding of the black pigs free  in the woods, and trips to the dairy where you can see for yourself the production of Parmesan cheese;
- Possibility to visit the DALLARA Company in Varano de’Melegari (about 35km) - a representative of Italian excellence in the constructions of racing cars.

Wood cabins with two beds inside (with the possibility of adding a small bed) with incredible views of the hills and the Apennines in the heart of the Food Valley Parma and within the UNESCO MAB ("Man and Biosphere") of Apennine. Each hut is provided with a wonderful service with private turkish bath / hammam.
Bar / Restaurant with n. 20 seats in an unique environment decorated with the scale of black pork hams, the lovely park view , orchards…

The family
The family history begins in the ‘50s with the butcher's grandfather Peppino.  Later in the ‘70s they acquired a small ham factory where  the production of Parma ham began. Since the early ‘80s his son, the current owner, has developed and expanded the company bringing it to be a benchmark for the quality salami in Italy and in Europe. The strong bond with the land and with the traditions of the territory of Parma is testified from the Farm, a place of peace and tranquility, completely dedicated to the plant and animal biodiversity in the Parma area.

Local products:
At the farm you can buy a range of products of Parma-the delicious land of ​​biodiversity, like:
- Prosciutto crudo (Parma ham) from black pig
- Pancetta di maiale nero (Black pork belly)
- Pioneer cheese
-“Masters” Lambrusco
-Fortana del Taro wine
-Termarina grape sorbet
-Bread of ancient grains
-Donkey milk

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