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Ariadne is a project especially created to offer companies a new entertainment formula, cultured and original, for their PR activities and promotion.

Ariadne, the novelty... Ariadne is a new format that allows you to hear a soprano singing live, in a "Dj-set" version.

It is an innovative concept through which you can propose an exclusive entertainment to a target attentive to new trends; an emotional experience to listen in a modern way the music that has made us unique in the world.

For the first time, thanks to the Ariadne project, the most beloved and well-known arias, along with romances that made famous artists such as Pavarotti and Bocelli, will come into unconventional locations - gardens, country houses, villas, castles without the need of having the spaces and costs of a gala with orchestra - to accompany a gala dinner or a stylish cocktail.

The masterpieces of the great composers, from Puccini to Morricone, heard in theaters, like in the commercials and in films, will become the soundtrack of a special event for about 60 minutes overall with no breaks or a 2 hours with intervals version.

Ariadne: the voice of an opera singer and her computer. Watch the video

As in a baroque banquet, the surprise is the real winner! Always and in every culture through food we celebrate the most important events and there was a time, more than any other period that knew how to make out of food the perfect opportunity to create a party: the baroque banquet where everything becomes a show. Charged with incentives, the banquet aims to amazement tending to an aesthetic pleasure achieved through the taste, sight, hearing and the spirit. That's  " trionfi (triumphs)" at the center of the table and autòmati”: self-propelled devices created to generate awe and wonder: everything to affirm the status of the landlord.

Today, with Ariadne, you can recreate that taste for the wonderful and exceptional in a modern way and with mild spirit.

Parma and its territories have always been the cradle of international opera music. Verdi's Homelands can offer your guests and customers an unforgettable experience to the origins of the great music. For more than 10 years our wide experience as a tour operator and music event organizer allows us to offer tailor-made programs in exceptional locations: not only in the "jewel theaters", but also in the Duchy castles, in the exclusive gardens like those of the Labyrinth of the Masone or the Ducal Palace of Colorno, unique in the world, for prestigious aperitifs in music at refined gala dinners with  principles products typical of Parma.

Conferences, meetings, rendezvous, road-shows... Very often the success of a product or the concrete development of an idea, the consolidation of the cohesion of a working group - team building - just like in an orchestra or choir in the hands of the director, in the end, it all depends on these delicate moments of meeting and exchange that will become really special, thanks to the communicative power of music.

If you want to stand out and propose a novelty of great charm, Ariadne can make the difference at your special event.