As unique as Bergamo, Alba and Parma, the three Unesco Creative Cities of Gastronomy in Italy. As unique as their typical products are: an absolute expression of Italian Food&Wine.
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Bergamo, Alba and Parma, the three Unesco Creative Cities of Gastronomy in Italy, offer themselves with an exclusive and highly immersive tour, to discover the culinary and wine excellences of Italy. The route meets the best products of Italian food&wine while passing through historic villages and unforgettable landscapes and discovering unique works of art.

Starting from Bergamo, here is the Taleggio and the Formai de Mut of the Brembana Valley, then the Moscato di Scanzo; step to the Langhe area to find the Barolo and the White Truffle of Alba; finally in Parma, the Culatello di Zibello, the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Prosciutto di Parma and the Colli di Parma wines. Products that mature silently waiting to reveal in full their unique aromas and flavors during this full immersion in ancient traditions and in a world that is always innovative and in step with the times.

If the heart of this journey are the best typical Italian products, art and music will never fail to make this tour intense and interesting and certainly never boring.

Bergamo, Alba and Parma offer themselves with their historic centres rich in art treasures, with the castles and palaces of their provinces and the itineraries and music festivals devoted to their important and unforgettable musicians. It will be possible to complete the program by adding an evening at the opera during the prestigious Festival Verdi or Festival Toscanini in Parma or at the Donizetti Opera Festival in Bergamo, for example.

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