An excelusive tour to fully experience the atmosphere of Verdi in Parma and the places that witnessed the birth and development of Giuseppe Verdi.
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Parma is the musical city par excellence, a land of strong yet refined passions.
Experience music as a protagonist with us!

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in our secret pathway to discover a great theater. An enlightening visit filled with special and mysterious places, stages on a surprising journey to understand what lies behind the scenes. You can finally access the hidden places, usually prohibited to the public, where the wonderful spectacles of the Teatro Regio have their genesis... The costume workshops, the set design workshop, the orchestra rehearsal room, the dressing rooms and the stage will unfold before your eyes, as in a magical world. A private journey in the heart of the Teatro Regio of Parma in Emilia, the land of the slow mix.

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