Parma, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21, dedicates the entire month of September to the culture of food and its identity in the kitchen with a rich calendar of activities.
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From Sunday 29 August to Sunday 26 September 2021, the calendar of activities dedicated to the excellences of the territory is rich: the PDO Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, pasta, tomato, milk with dairy products and anchovies.

Let’s start with Cibus OFF, the event linked to Cibus, the international showcase for Italian agri-food organized by Fiere di Parma. Two spaces are involved: the Portici del Grano, in the heart of Parma, with an area dedicated to events and a Bistro, and the Village in Borgo delle Cucine, conceived as a Food & Beverage court. Ideally, the baton of Cibus OFF will be picked up by the “Gastronomic September”. The event includes:

  • themed weeks, dedicated to the symbolic products of the Parma Food Valley
  • visits to the dairy and ham factory, on the occasion of “Caseifici aperti” and the Parma Ham Festival
  • Imprese Aperte”, with about forty open-door events in the companies
  • tastings and gourmet moments at the Bistro set up under the Portici del Grano, in the heart of Parma
  • showcooking, with the involvmente of the chefs of CHIC – Charming Italian Chef and Parma Quality Restaurants
  • talk show, organized by the University of Parma, ALMA – The International School of Italian Cuisine, Academia Barilla and the Food Museums, dedicated to the study of issues such as the relationship between nutrition and health, sustainability in the kitchen, and new trends of the table
  • educational workshops for children organized by Giocampus and Madegus – Maestri del Gusto
  • aperitifs accompanied by dances, music and performances, in collaboration with Teatro Regio di Parma and “Tutti Matti per Colorno”

Cibus OFF and Settembre Gastronomico are made possible by a prestigious network of collaboration between the world of institutions, represented by the Municipality of Parma, and privates, from Protection Consortium to agri-food companies, passing through the world of associations and restaurants. The coordination is by Parma Alimentare.


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